Ananda Bena-Weber


Ananda in hat“I love live theater. Through the ages it has been a place of human expression, and most importantly, communion, and it is more powerful today than ever, as advancements in technology, coupled with widespread fear of one’s neighbor, separate us. Today those moments in which people come together physically and share an emotional experience in a public place are all the more powerful. We can realize that we are not alone on this earth but rather are surrounded by a family of brothers and sisters with whom we can laugh, cry and stand when the going gets rough. I know that other human beings like myself give my life meaning, not money, fame or materiality. When a piece of theater truly lives, it is my own heart’s voice that I hear coming from the stage. That is catharsis, when soul releases care and I feel myself to be free and powerful, amongst others as powerful and free.”




Dressing up Ananda as convict
Ananda portrait on quilt Fancy Ananda Ananda portrait Ananda portrait in red dress