Ananda Bena-Weber


In addition to many poems and songs, Ananda Bena-Weber has also written three plays that have been performed in the SF Bay area: Without Breaking, The Taking of Lavinia, and Shakeseare Salad. She has written the lyrics to songs for several bands including DTK, and The Last of the American Playboys.

Ananda also does freelance writing for visual artists who wish to express their artistic voice on paper, but have difficulty doing so. She has written the accompanying texts for several art exhibitions. Ananda is available as a freelance writer for arts as well as advertising. For more information, email:



One day
In middle Spring
But how, I hardly imagined
A specter you hovered there.
I wept
Until my heart was your servant.

The airy place! Oh, and then
You lifted me to the sky
Wherein our love lived once again
One whisper between you and I.

Your beauty spun my web of dreams
Gilded with garish design.
So acid-clear were love’s sweet streams
Recreating Paradise as mine.

One day
In Summer’s heat
Yet still I don’t comprehend it
How we dined with mighty gods
Then sailed
Through purple eddies of wonder.

The magic elixir filled my bones
Ghostlike I floated weightless
Amongst whirlpools of gentle maiden’s moans
We loved outside of Time and fateless.

With water-wings I swam the sky
Glistening eyes gave me to bathe in.
Transparent ecstasy drifted by
And bade me venture deep within.

One day
As Autumn turned
As yet I’ve never believed it
I stood One with all that is.
My Faith
Was as my blood in an instant.

So dazed was I at such a splendor
As temporarily without sight.
My body, as music, ethereal, tender
Whilst my soul made love to night.

What wind, what motion took the air!
Stars made their beds within my flesh.
Reptilian scales they shimmered there
And with new gills I breathed afresh.

One day
In Winter’s rage
Though I can’t bear to recall it
Kissed me softly behind my eyes.
Filled my body like water.

Resplendent death is Life’s fair dance
An angel-hymn-burst of joy.
Sweet liquor brews a holy trance
And swarms of seraphim deploy.

Oh, what newness! In ending I’ve begun.
Age gave birth to vigorous youth.
What bound my soul is now undone.
Now I swim in golden waters of Truth.

One day
In middle Spring
But how I hardly imagined
A specter you hovered there.
I wept
Until my heart was your servant.

The airy place! Oh, and then…


Frustration’s sour tears are citrus-shed
And burn the eyes that cry against their will
And break the fists that beat and feet that tread
Wide circles ‘round the glass and bitter pill.
Refuse the bread and circus for a fee
And make a stand for sisters’ hearts and minds!
I’ll ride all night to bear the truth to thee
No matter where the endless journey winds.
I’ll break the bars and stretch my wings full-wide
To fly above this tiny human state.
I’ll bare my legs and ride the wind astride
And leave this drab prescription of my fate.
What men have writ of me, I shall un-write
And vanish into freedom and the night!


I bury me
Yet am always exhumed
Cannot bear to be conscious
Yet feel pity
For life gone un-lived.
Fatigue unearned pours
Down my entrails
As pints of glue
Poured over an ant-hill
By tiny curious hands.
Such fascinations of toddlers
By Nature’s design seemingly
Yet the destruction does not end
The way we always wish it would-
Continually expect it to.
Despair eats and is never full
Leaves me never
Empty always
Constant consumption
Never consumed.
No nutrients,
Not letting blood
Be bloody.
Die me down
To my death.
Crush me under.
Kill me quick.
Lay me low
Beside Your hearth.
Hold my head and sigh
How you loved me once
Even if it was never true.