Ananda Bena-Weber


Ananda Bena-Weber has been teaching for professional companies, colleges, conservatories, gyms, and schools throughout the United States and Europe in the areas of classical ballet, character, tap, jazz, and mime since 1995.

Ananda studied the Mensendieck method of functional exercise, which she combines with her ballet pedagogy to help individuals to understand their own unique physical alignment.

She teaches Sam Weber’s relaxed tap technique, Luigi jazz technique, and the character pedagogy of the great Yurek Lazovsky.

Ananda offers special Tanztheater workshops. The Tanztheater technique formulated by Ananda combines dance, acting, clown and singing using Linklater Voice technique as a synthesizing element to bring the forms together.

If you are interested in workshops or private lessons or for information about upcoming events, email:

“In any subject that I teach the elements that matter most in the training are those most fundamental principles underlying the endeavor. By attending to them, students not only get optimal results, but they also find a more profound understanding that can be transferred into other areas of knowledge. The forms I study and teach are not ends in themselves; they are simply means to a greater end – a deeper understanding of who and what we are as participants in life's theater. They provide clues to our relationships to each other and to the planet. For centuries human beings have discovered and invented forms –forms of art, science, craft, and I feel that the most useful approach toward working with these forms is to understand all of them as attempts at inquiry into our lived experience. In doing so, we become receptive to the form’s ultimate purpose, and we unlock its great potential to reveal the key to the mystery of being alive.”

Ananda dancing outside by lake Saucey dancing by Ananda and partner More saucey dancing by Ananda and partner